Marc Giombetti

Marc Giombetti is an IT leader and software engineer who takes pride in delivering innovative digital projects in the finance industry. He has a strong technical background and a proven track record of managing offshore teams to deliver high quality software. Marc has an international research & work experience and has lived in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

In his free time, Marc loves to travel, is a cooking enthusiast and proud daddy of Mathilda and Edgar.

What I Do

Software Engineering

I develop software systems with state of the art technologies - always with the right amount of pragmatism to balance of technology fit and business requirements.

Team Management

I managed diverse, multi cultural teams in near and offshore locations and always strive to foster a great team culture.

Agile Methodologies

I apply agile methodologies in my daily work as I am convinced, they are the only way to develop software in an efficient, predictable and successful way.

Cooking Enthusiast

My love for eating great food motivates me to cook great food. I enjoy trying out new recipies from all around the world and take pleasure to share food together with family and friends.


Employer & Clients


N° TVA: LU33243015  -  N° A.E.: 10131566/0