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Trip to Paris – March 2008

DSC01732.JPGFirst of all, this post might not be what you expected it to be 😉 In this post I want to show my readers some pictures Philipp and I took on our trip to Paris. We were visiting Steve, who spends his Erasmus year in Paris, France.

DSCI0029.JPGDespite the weather, we were heaving a great time and fully enjoyed the French way of life, with lots of excellent wine, cheese and French chanson music. In the photo album, you will find pictures which reflect the beauty and the soul of the French capital.

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Trip to Vienna – February 2008

IMG_8686.JPGAfter my first term exams in Munich, I thought it would be a good idea to travel a bit. I have never been to Vienna before, and I took the occasion to travel with Philipp and visit his sister Lisa in Vienna. We were having a good time and the weather was awesome. We went to the theatre and to a concert of the Wiener Symphoniker.

Furthermore we did the classical sightseeing program, and a bit of shopping. I took some pictures, you can find them below.

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