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Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class

OUTDATED: This software is a PHP class to grab the latest stocks from Yahoo Finance, and to cache them optionally (works with all PHP hosting solutions). To gather data regularly, you can use a crownjob. If you are using Linux type crontab -e on the shell. Then insert the following line (adapt the paths) to your crown file

* * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/marc/yahoo.stocks.class.php

and the cron-deamon will execute the script every minute, thus collecting the stock data.

To download the class click PHP Icon right here (do not forget to rename phps to php).

PHP-RealtimeStats 1.0 – Easy and flexible function-based live stats for your website

Realtime Stats ScreenshotOUTDATED: PHP-RealtimeStats gives the visitors of your website the possibility to see how many users are online and where they come from, based on an IP to country database. Furthermore you have the possibility to display the ICQ-status of the webmaster and to log the country, host, browser and referrer website of your visitors. The script is designed function-based so that it can be easily integrated into the design and the structure of your website. PHP-RealtimeStats is delivered with many example files and over 200 flags of different countries. Some functions may even be integrated into a remote website using JavaScript. The software is perfectly compatible with all website hosting solutions.

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dynTEXTmaker – Generate dynamic text buttons on the fly

OUTDATED: DynTEXTmaker is an easy to use script that allows you to use your favorite font on your website. Due to some restrictions of the fonts you can use in HTML, you will sooner or later be confronted to the problem that you’ll have to save your texts as an image file. But this exporting of texts as images is a very time-consuming task. dynTEXTmaker automatically generates the images with the text and the textsize you want to use. The script comes along with a cacheing mechanism and a simple admin-interface to generate the texts (to simply).

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