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Spring in Munich (Part II)

Chinesischer Turm, MunichIn the last weeks I got visit from Christophe and Michel in Munich. They took a lot of pictures of beautiful Munich. Additionally there are some pictures of the Deutsches Museum and the BMW Welt.

At the end of this entry you will also find a video of people surfing on the Eisbachwelle in the English Garden.

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Spring in Munich

I am not going to blog about how amazing Munich is (not yet, but I will do so in the next weeks). I just want to share some tunes with you. I captured them this afternoon in the English Garden. The musicians are a band somehow and they were playing some kind of jam session. The music itself was not that great, but the mood of the musicians as well as the listeners was wanton.

FC Bayern – VfL Bochum at the Allianz Arena, Munich

Allianz ArenaThis afternoon I was at the Allianz Arena to watch the soccer game of the Erste Deutsche Bundesliga between FC Bayern Munich and VfL Bochum. The stadium was completely sold out (69000 places) and there was a good atmosphere from the beginning on, even though the FCB fell behind 0:1 after several minutes. I took several photos and I filmed the opening and a penalty kick for the FCB. I attached some of the pictures to this article and uploaded the videos to Youtube. The final score of the game: FC Bayern Munich – VfL Bochum 3:1 (1:1).

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Back in Munich again

Theatiner ChurchToday I traveled from Luxembourg back to Munich because I have to do some stuff before the lectures at university re-begin in two weeks. I was happy to see that my flat was still standing after a month of absence, but I was very surprised that some old warehouses on the other side of the street were torn down, thus giving me a new balcony view on the Olympiaturm and one some “unrevealed” surroundings.

I am also already looking forward on Sunday, where I will attend a soccer game of the FC Bayern against VfL Bochum in the Allianz Arena. Even though I am not such a big soccer fan and I do not have a favorite team on Sunday, I am eager to see a hopefully nice game of excellent soccer in an awesome stadium. I will let you know how it wasls and provide you with some pictures.

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