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Lately I have been working with Carolin on the start of her new blog project It´s all about creativity and you should let her take you to a journey to art by trial and dedication. Follow the blog posts and discover the wide spectrum of art & art techniques.


Free eBook: Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

bayesian-learning-ebookWhile studying for the Coursera Machine Learning lecture I attended last year, my learning partner Dimitris L. recommended we should use the Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning book by Prof. David Barber as complementary literature. David Barber is currently a professor in Information Processing in the department of Computer Science UCL where he develops novel information processing schemes, mainly based on the application of probabilistic reasoning. As the title of the book suggests, it is all about the concepts and techniques behind Bayesian reasoning and machine learning:


Machine learning methods extract value from vast data sets quickly and with modest resources. They are established tools in a wide range of industrial applications, including search engines, DNA sequencing, stock market analysis, and robot locomotion, and their use is spreading rapidly. Continue reading ‘Free eBook: Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning’

Using SQL WITH clause to create temporary static tables at query time

A few days ago, I came across the following problem: I currently work on a project where I am the responsible of an application which generates entries to a log table every time a job is executed. This table contains a lot of information on statuses of jobs, possible problems, exceptions, duration, aso. I was working on some analytics on this data and needed to enrich the data by the version of the software which generated the log entry (since we were not capturing this in the log table). From our configuration management tool, I was able to extract the dates when which versions of the software was deployed in production


My intention was to create a temporary table to join onto the  logged entries, but I didn´t want to create the tables on the Oracle server (mainly because they would have been just temporary tables and because the schema-user I was using didn´t have the rights to create tables).

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New to Boston: Discovering a new city, the MIT and going on a whale watching tour

Hello everybody. It has been a long time since my last blog entry. As a few things changed in my life; so basically I am not staying in Munich any more, but I took a trip over to the US to do research for my master thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.  In the weeks to come, I will hopefully find the time to explain you a bit on my ongoing research on software cost estimation models.

I am in Boston for 5 days now, and I had a amazing experience on Sunday. I did a whale watching tour, and I captured two videos which I want to share with you. You can see this huge creatures live in their natural environment.

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