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SQL Connection Strings

In the last couple of weeks I have been working a lot with different databases which I had to connect to from Java. It is sometime stressful to look up the right format of the connection string to the database. Even though, these strings should, or are meant to be standardized, they are not.

I found this very helpful website which lists the connection strings for open-source as well as professional commercial databases. This list includes among others, the connection strings for Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, Postgre SQL, Caché, SQLite, …

As an example, if you want to connect to a server in a replicated server configuration without concern on which server to use, use the following connection string:

Server=serverAddress1, serverAddress2, serverAddress3;Database=myDataBase;

I want to share this information with you, because it can save you a lot of time, looking up those strings in tutorials or in the documentation of the different databases. Continue reading ‘SQL Connection Strings’ – Relaunch

In this blog post I will make some publicity for Michel´s project of a spellchecker for the luxembourgish language. This project now also contains a thesaurus database which you should extend by new words, if you find something missing (which you probably will, because the project is in an early stage 😉 )

But before I will try to formulate which improvements have been made and why it is better than before I just cite Michel’s blog post:

The new version of is online. After almost exactly two years after the initial release, the free spellchecker for Luxembourgish now has a new website, a nicer logo, an improved online checker as well as a thesaurus (synonym dictionary).

The online checker features the following improvements:

  • A more intuitive interface
  • A wordlist (also called ”dictionary”) of almost 500′000 words and word forms
  • Improved correction of common mistakes (found in instant messaging)
  • Improved correction of the so-called “Eifeler Regel” which is unique to Luxembourgish
  • Easy-to-use feedback form

Visit for more information.

Nokia E51 – VPN Installation Tutorial

Nokia E51 vpn tutorialWie versprochen werde ich auch mal auf Deutsch bloggen, also hier mein erster deutscher Blogeintrag: Diese Woche habe ich mir ein neues Spielzeug gegönnt, das Nokia E51. Ich will an dieser Stelle nicht unbedingt über die Vorzüge des Nokia E51 referieren und das Handy im Detail erklären, vielmehr will ich ein kleines Tutorial bereit stellen, wie man einen VPN Client auf dem Nokia E51 installiert und wie man sich mit einem VPN Netz verbindet. Da ich für die Installation und Konfiguration des VPN-Clients keine ordentliche Beschreibung im Internet gefunden habe und einige Zeit investiert hab, dachte ich mir ich schreib dieses Turorial inkl. Screenshots um Ihnen die Installation zu erleichtern.

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Evaluating the Architectural Coverage of Runtime Traces

  • This post contains a downloadable version of my Bachelor Thesis I wrote to complete my studies in computer science at the Technical University Kaiserslautern. The thesis was conducted externally at the Product-Line Engineering Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering in Kaiserslautern.

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  • SMSing – SMS client and server

    SMSing ScreenshotIn this post, I present you a tiny program to send SMS messages through the internet:

    SMSing is a simple client/server based application to send SMS text messages through the Internet using Clickatell as service provider. The application supports multiple users, credits, logging aso. In the current version, SMSing should not be used in a productive environment, but shall demonstrate how to use and combine different technologies to send SMS´s. Nevertheless SMSing is really interesting for people sending lots of SMS who are bored to type the text using the keyboard of their mobile phones and pay the high prices of their mobile providers. SMSing even allows you to send anonymous messages, or messages with fake sender-number.

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    WebsiteWatcher – An easy to use website monitor with SMS notification

    I use this post to present you one very simple but effective program to monitor static web pages and to send you an SMS message in case of changes on the website. I called the tool WebsiteWatcher:

    WebsiteWatcher allows you to monitor a specific (static) website for changes. If the page is updated, you immediately get an SMS message as notification. This tool was initially used to monitor university websites where results of exams were published. Please notice that this simple tool only works for static pages. Clickatell is used as SMS provider. It provides a reliable, fast and cheap SMS-gateway for 578 networks in 192 countries.

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    Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class

    OUTDATED: This software is a PHP class to grab the latest stocks from Yahoo Finance, and to cache them optionally (works with all PHP hosting solutions). To gather data regularly, you can use a crownjob. If you are using Linux type crontab -e on the shell. Then insert the following line (adapt the paths) to your crown file

    * * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/marc/yahoo.stocks.class.php

    and the cron-deamon will execute the script every minute, thus collecting the stock data.

    To download the class click PHP Icon right here (do not forget to rename phps to php).