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Spring in Munich (Part II)

Chinesischer Turm, MunichIn the last weeks I got visit from Christophe and Michel in Munich. They took a lot of pictures of beautiful Munich. Additionally there are some pictures of the Deutsches Museum and the BMW Welt.

At the end of this entry you will also find a video of people surfing on the Eisbachwelle in the English Garden.

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In this blog post I will make some publicity for Michel´s project of a spellchecker for the luxembourgish language. This project now also contains a thesaurus database which you should extend by new words, if you find something missing (which you probably will, because the project is in an early stage 😉 )

But before I will try to formulate which improvements have been made and why it is better than before I just cite Michel’s blog post:

The new version of is online. After almost exactly two years after the initial release, the free spellchecker for Luxembourgish now has a new website, a nicer logo, an improved online checker as well as a thesaurus (synonym dictionary).

The online checker features the following improvements:

  • A more intuitive interface
  • A wordlist (also called ”dictionary”) of almost 500′000 words and word forms
  • Improved correction of common mistakes (found in instant messaging)
  • Improved correction of the so-called “Eifeler Regel” which is unique to Luxembourgish
  • Easy-to-use feedback form

Visit for more information.