Ecocho – You search, they grow trees

While surfing through the web, instead of writing some assignments for university, I just discovered a new search engine: the eco friendly search engine.

According to the Ecocho website:

Ecocho is a new search engine trying to make a difference for climate change.
For every 1000 searches users make on Ecocho we’ll counter balances or “offset” up to a ton of greenhouse gases. We do this by sponsoring two trees via advertising on the site.

The Ecocho engineers did not implement a search engine at their own, but they are forwarding your search results to Google or Yahoo. They use 70% of the money they make by taking part in Googles and Yahoos affiliate program to actually plant trees. The Ecocho end users get the same search results as if they were directly searching at Google or Yahoo. I think this idea is great even though I am convinced that it will not make a “that” big difference in climate change. It will primarily silence the bad conscience of people. The only drawback I see at the moment, is that Ecocho seems to be a bit slower than the direct search at Google or Yahoo. Nevertheless I think that the guys at Ecocho will solve the performance issues, maybe adding some new servers or improving the software.

Have a try 😉


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