SMSing – SMS client and server

SMSing ScreenshotIn this post, I present you a tiny program to send SMS messages through the internet:

SMSing is a simple client/server based application to send SMS text messages through the Internet using Clickatell as service provider. The application supports multiple users, credits, logging aso. In the current version, SMSing should not be used in a productive environment, but shall demonstrate how to use and combine different technologies to send SMS´s. Nevertheless SMSing is really interesting for people sending lots of SMS who are bored to type the text using the keyboard of their mobile phones and pay the high prices of their mobile providers. SMSing even allows you to send anonymous messages, or messages with fake sender-number.

On the server side the application uses PHP for the scripting and mySQL for the storage of the user logins, credits, logging aso. If you configure a callback URL in your Clickatell Central API account, you even get the delivery status and time of your messages.

On the client side a simple Java 5.0 GUI forwards the messages to the server application, and the server application does the logging and billing and forwards the message to the Clickatell servers.

For further information you should consult the Readme file. The software is perfectly compatible with any PHP hosting provider.

ZIP Icon SMSing – Binaries
ZIP Icon SMSing – Sources
PDF 16×16 SMSing – Readme

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  1. 1 Jeeb

    You should provide a live demo.


    to up load this types of tech..
    it’s very important for s/w dovl..

  3. 3 Richard

    Good dy Sir,

    Is it possible for you to make one where by someone can add a gateway. Like for Uganda, we have some companies which have Email2SMS services i.e and for MTN and UTL Respectively.

    Please reply

  4. 4 Phone Calls

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Thanks!

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