WebsiteWatcher – An easy to use website monitor with SMS notification

I use this post to present you one very simple but effective program to monitor static web pages and to send you an SMS message in case of changes on the website. I called the tool WebsiteWatcher:

WebsiteWatcher allows you to monitor a specific (static) website for changes. If the page is updated, you immediately get an SMS message as notification. This tool was initially used to monitor university websites where results of exams were published. Please notice that this simple tool only works for static pages. Clickatell is used as SMS provider. It provides a reliable, fast and cheap SMS-gateway for 578 networks in 192 countries.

ZIP Icon WebsiteWatcher – Binaries
ZIP Icon WebsiteWatcher – Sources

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  1. 1 daniel

    neat software thanks but is there a way to get what have being updated like for example the results

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