Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class

OUTDATED: This software is a PHP class to grab the latest stocks from Yahoo Finance, and to cache them optionally (works with all PHP hosting solutions). To gather data regularly, you can use a crownjob. If you are using Linux type crontab -e on the shell. Then insert the following line (adapt the paths) to your crown file

* * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/marc/yahoo.stocks.class.php

and the cron-deamon will execute the script every minute, thus collecting the stock data.

To download the class click PHP Icon right here (do not forget to rename phps to php).

3 Responses to “Financial stock market quotes grabber & caching class”

  1. 1 sake

    i am very interested in this script.
    I am a php newby and would like a detailed instruction on how to use it.
    first i make the changes in the php class (i get that much)
    but then what?
    i have seen your usage note in the php file but i have NO IDEA!
    what is cronjob?
    i am now using a test server (xampp on a windows machine)
    How should i use this class?
    hope ya read this.

  2. 2 Matt

    @ sake

    I have only used cron jobs on shared hosting accounts & from a cpanel it’s easy to setup. As far as what a cron job is, a cron job is simply like a ping to a specific script that says hey go to work or whatever it’s supposed to do.

    I’m not exactly sure how to set it up on xamp though.

  3. 3 Stock Trading Guy

    A cron job is something that you set your php hosting server to automatically run at a certain time. If you use host gator, then you’ll find the cron job in your admin account settings.

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