PHP-RealtimeStats 1.0 – Easy and flexible function-based live stats for your website

Realtime Stats ScreenshotOUTDATED: PHP-RealtimeStats gives the visitors of your website the possibility to see how many users are online and where they come from, based on an IP to country database. Furthermore you have the possibility to display the ICQ-status of the webmaster and to log the country, host, browser and referrer website of your visitors. The script is designed function-based so that it can be easily integrated into the design and the structure of your website. PHP-RealtimeStats is delivered with many example files and over 200 flags of different countries. Some functions may even be integrated into a remote website using JavaScript. The software is perfectly compatible with all website hosting solutions.

Note that there is no support for this tool anymore.


ZIP Icon PHP-RealtimeStats

Additinal download
If you don’t want to download and import the CSV file of IP-to-country download the ZIP Icon complete IP-country database mySQL dump from (v 01.04.2004).

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