dynTEXTmaker – Generate dynamic text buttons on the fly

OUTDATED: DynTEXTmaker is an easy to use script that allows you to use your favorite font on your website. Due to some restrictions of the fonts you can use in HTML, you will sooner or later be confronted to the problem that you’ll have to save your texts as an image file. But this exporting of texts as images is a very time-consuming task. dynTEXTmaker automatically generates the images with the text and the textsize you want to use. The script comes along with a cacheing mechanism and a simple admin-interface to generate the texts (to simply).

Note that there is no support for this tool anymore.


ZIP Icon DynTEXTMaker

2 Responses to “dynTEXTmaker – Generate dynamic text buttons on the fly”

  1. 1 motobaridi

    i just love this little script.
    had used it earlier, but then lost the files when my disk crashed. glad its still available!!
    thanks G!

  2. 2 SNOWFactory.com

    Yes very nice script!
    I use it until now again and again…

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